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H & R Architecture, Facilities Design & Planning
bringing your project vision into reality.

For over nearly four decades, starting in 1983, H & R Design, Inc. has engaged in approximately 1,800 new construction and facilities renovation projects for regional Health Care companies and Corporation’s. Our experience has given us a clear understanding of the challenges that will be encountered during the design and construction of your project.


Facility planning is a crucial process to overall business building strategy. We work to ensure the right spaces, equipment, and resources to function effectively to support business goals.

Corporate Architecture

The use of design to create physical spaces that reflect and enhance a company's image. It goes beyond just functionality and delves into the realm of branding and employee experience.


During this process we focus on the initial design phase, where rooms are positioned and sized within the confines of the two-dimensional space.


H & R Design, Inc

Founded in 1983, H & R Design, Inc. is a Facilities Planning Firm with a staff of Designers and CAD operators with extensive experience in facilities planning and building design. We have been providing comprehensive Design and construction support services for company’s through-out the region for over Four decades.


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